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Building Consultants

Building Defect Reports

Building defects are faults in the original construction or problems subsequently triggered by faults in the original construction. Building defects can also result from inadequate workmanship on repairs during the life of the construction. A professional building defect report from Strata Engineering Solutions can identify the cause of damage or compromise to the construction using forensic methodology, and if necessary provide support for any claims made.

Building defects are a widespread problem and can seriously impact the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of strata properties. The remediation of building defects in a strata situation can be a complex matter with often many stakeholders and contributors involved in the assessment and decision-making process.

Strata Engineering Solutions are highly experienced at identifying and addressing building defects, and liaising with building owners and manages to ensure the most efficient remediation results.

Dilapidation Reports

Dilapidation reports document the state of existing and neighbouring constructions prior to any remediation works commencing on a strata property, to defend against any false or unjustified claims arising from remediation works being carried out.

A professional dilapidation report prepared by Strata Engineering Solutions can provide peace-of-mind for strata building owners, and is recommended in most instances where remediation works are being undertaken.

Durability Assessments

Every building has a ‘design life’ during which it is expected to perform with normal maintenance being carried out. The durability of construction materials and components within the design life of a building can vary widely from those which exceed expectations to those which become non-economic to repair or replace, or are insufficiently accessible, for example.

A building durability report by Strata Engineering Solutions can assess the performance of the construction in detail and assist with long-term planning and budgeting for strata property maintenance and remediation works.

Expert Opinions

Strata Engineering Solutions is often called upon to provide forensic investigation of structural, infrastructure or ground engineering issues, and to give what is commonly called an Expert Opinion to support or defend against legal claims etc.

Our many years of experience in litigated matters, and highest qualified standards in engineering mean that an Expert Opinion from Strata Engineering Solutions can be tremendously effective in legal and insurance disputes.

Feasibility Studies

A building remediation feasibility study by Strata Engineering Solutions can assess the requirement for remediation works and evaluate the potential performance and cost of the remediation options that are being considered.

Here is an example of where a building remediation feasibility study can be helpful. A strata property may have a leaking rooftop swimming pool. There might be several options for repairing the leak and remediating the water damage to strata properties below. Another less costly option might be draining the pool and covering it over with a deck area, however the loss of the pool as an asset to the complex would also represent a cost.

Structural Diagnostics

Strata Engineering Solutions can carry out structural diagnostic investigations to report on building deterioration and the causes, risks and consequences involved. Once investigated and diagnosed, the appropriate remediation works can be specified and carried out efficiently.

The timely diagnosis of structural issues can prevent further damage and costs being incurred.

Project Managers

Certification of Works

Strata Engineering Solutions can provide the appropriate professional engineering certification, verification or registration of remediation works against the relevant standards and/or legislation in any Australian state.

Contract Administration

Strata Engineering Solutions can provide building contract administration services to ensure highly satisfactory outcomes in quality of workmanship, project timeline performance and budget for works, and minimise any potential for contractual disputes.

Scope of Works Documentation

Strata Engineering Solutions can prepare and provide the Scope of Work, a formal document that describes the work activities, deliverables, timelines and milestones, pricing, quality requirements and governance terms and conditions of a strata building remediation project.

Supervision of Rectification Works

Rectification of defective or sub-standard building work can be costly and disruptive. Strata Engineering Solutions can provide supervision of remediation works to ensure the safety, efficiency and quality of work undertaken.

Technical Specifications

Strata Engineering Solutions can document the technical specifications for structural and ground remediation works for contractors and to ensure works requirements are acceptable to council etc.

Tender Documentation

Strata Engineering Solutions are experts at preparing tender documentation and administering the tendering process for remediation works.

Tender Reviews

Strata Engineering Solutions can manage the tender review process for building owners, ensuring proper documentation, evaluations and review procedures, appropriate recommendations and administration, handling of relationships with contractors, and supervision of works and rectifications.

Forensic Engineers

Court Expert Reports

Expert opinion frequently assists Courts in determining issues of a technical nature in legal disputes. Strata Engineering Solutions are suitably qualified and experienced to provide expert reports for forensic purposes.

Court Expert Witnesses

Strata Engineering Solutions has a number of senior engineers who can provide expert testimony with regard to building and construction matters being dealt with by any Court in Australia.

CTTT Claims

Strata Engineering Solutions can provide expert assistance with claims and disputes being handled by the CTTT (Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal).

Forensic Investigations

Strata Engineering Solutions has many decades of experience in forensic engineering investigations, delivering professional engineering consulting services to legal and insurance clients since the firm was first established. SES’s expertise in structural materials and methodology failure analysis has been successfully presented in many Australian jurisdictions.

HOW Claims

SES can assist with the preparation of HOW claims for insurance purposes.

Litigation Support Services

Strata Engineering Solutions can provide a broad range of services to support parties to litigation over matters involving the need for expert investigation, analysis and reporting on civil or structural engineering.

Scott Schedules

Strata Engineering Solutions is experienced at preparing Scott Schedules, where there are numerous items of claim, such as by way of variations or defects or delays, that may be collated from pleadings and witness statements and experts reports and presented in a schedule, rather than by reference to numerous documents, as an aid to assessment of the items.